prepaid electricity

What is a Smart Meter?

What is a smart meter? A smart meter is an electronic device that measures electricity in real time allowing electric companies to offer different rates for usage based on the time of day and changing seasons.  Traditional meters only measure total consumption and do not provide information such as what times of day energy is […]

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Prepaid Electricity Houston, Texas

Get Prepaid Electricity in Houston with Same Day Service (877) 509-8946 When you think of Houston, Texas, you think MODERN. Modern style, modern cars, modern homes, modern people. Houston is on the forefront of technology, art, cuisine, fashion, education, business and more. Would you expect anything less from the city named Forbes Magazine’s Fastest Growing […]

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Prepaid Electricity- The Smart Choice

Prepaid Electricity- The Smart Choice Leasing your first apartment? Have poor credit or no credit? Don’t have enough money for a deposit? Texas Choice prepaid electricity is your answer. Here’s five reasons to call us today. 1. Texas Choice will not run a credit check Most traditional electric companies run a credit check within minutes of your […]

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